Expert Tips: How to Make Your Wheels Look New Again

17" Vision wheel with black accents

The wheels on your car, even though they take up so little space and are so small, make a huge impression on what people think of your car, and by extension, you.

So, how do you keep them looking great when they’re right there where all the dirt, grease, grime, and plain “yuck” is? Let’s take a look.

Keep Them Clean

If your wheels are in good condition, limited nicks and scratches, keeping them clean will go a very long way towards keeping them looking like new.

Use a quality car soap and wash the whole car at least twice a month.

Always, always, pay special attention to the wheels. Most people, when they wash their cars, may get the wheels wet and flick the sponge across them. However, this is too lazy if you want to keep them looking great.

Get a scrub brush and use it on the wheels every time you wash your car. Make sure the brush is stiff enough to remove the built up road grime, but not so stiff as to scratch the finish on your wheels. When choosing the scrub brush, make sure you get one with bristles that are long enough to reach the cracks and crevices in the wheel.

When you’re done scrubbing and rinsing, don’t just drive away and call it good. Use a quality chamois and dry the wheels. Getting the water off them helps them resist getting dirty.

Make Them Resistant to Dirt and Grime

One of the tricks of people with show cars is to wax your wheels approximately twice a month. The wax performs multiple functions:

  • Wax helps to clean the wheels better
  • Wax makes polished, painted, or colored wheels shine more
  • Wax acts like a barrier between the wheel and the elements, keeping the wheel looking great longer.

But My Wheels Are Really Dirty and Hard to Clean

What about those wheels that are really hard to clean and have been neglected for quite some time? This is where you need to bring out the big guns.

Meguiar’s and Mother’s both make a wheel cleaning tool that fits on a drill as well as a cleaning compound that is stronger than regular car wash, yet protects the wheel’s finish as it super cleans.  Get one of the cleaning wheels and the cleaning compound and follow the label directions to return your wheels to like-new condition.

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Dollard Boisjoli

A Passionate VW owner with 14 years of experience at Hillcrest Volkswagen and 31 years in the automotive field. Competed and placed second in the 2012 VW Canadian Technician’s Challenge. Married with two sons, and looking forward to sharing the future with my wife.