10 Reasons to Buy a Volkswagen

2013 Jetta GTI

By now you’ve probably heard the Volkswagen sales slogan Fahrvergnügen. The slogan was used to describe what makes a Volkswagen a Volkswagen. The term was also used as a way to describe the love that Volkswagen owners have for their cars, why they love their cars so much.

A single term was chosen because if you ask ten different people why they love their Volkswagen, you’re quite likely to receive ten different answers.

Reason Number One – They’re Fun to Drive

Volkswagen designs exhilarating performance into every car they build. Whether you’re buying a Jetta, Golf, Touareg, or any other Volkswagen model available, it comes with more performance than you would expect. You get a crisp and clean response when you tap the accelerator. You also get a crisp and positive reaction from even the smallest input given to the steering wheel. This coupling of throttle response with pinpoint steering control makes every drive in your Volkswagen an exhilarating drive.

Reason Number Two – Safety

This year Volkswagen drove away with 8 Top Safety Picks from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. For a vehicle to earn a Top Safety Pick, it must be put through a series of rigorous tests, in which all of its safety measures are examined. Ultimately the vehicle must prove that it protects passengers as effectively as possible. For 2013 the winners are the Golf 4-door, Golf GTI 4-door, Jetta sedan, Jetta SportWagen, Passat, CC, Tiguan and the Touareg!

Reason Number Three – Excellent Fuel Economy

Every car that Volkswagen has put out for the past 60 plus years has been an absolute miser when it comes to fuel usage. The old Beetles, the Type I, very often got better than 12 kilometers per liter. Today’s Beetle does just as well, with fuel economy numbers of approximately 9.9 liters to go 100 kilometers in the city and 6.5 liters on the highway.  The sporty and luxurious Tiguan does even better, requiring only 10.2 liters to go 100 kilometers around town and only 7.8 on the highway.

Reason Number Four – Low Cost of Ownership

Coupled with the miserly fuel usage, Volkswagens rarely need more work than regularly scheduled maintenance. As long as the scheduled maintenance is performed per factory requirements, your Volkswagen should deliver consistently reliable service for years after purchase.

Reason Number Five – Excellent Warranties

All new Volkswagens also come with generous warranties. Your Volkswagen body is protected by a 12 year unlimited mileage corrosion resistance warranty. The powertrain is backed up by a five year or 100,000 kilometer (whichever comes first) limited warranty. You also get a four year or 80,000 kilometer (whichever comes first) bumper to bumper warranty, with normal wear and tear items being excluded after 12 months or 20,000 kilometers.

Reason Number Six – Competitive Prices

No matter what class or category, every Volkswagen model is extremely competitive when it comes to price.  As an example, suggested retail for the 2013 Golf starts at $19,975 and the Tiguan starts at $24,990.

Reason Number Seven – Roadside Assistance for Four Years

Volkswagen backs the reliability of every car they sell with free 24 hour roadside assistance for four years or 80,000 kilometers. If the rare breakdown does occur, give them a call and they’ll take you to the nearest Volkswagen service center for free.

Reason Number Eight – Numerous Options Available

When you buy a car, you have the option of buying the base model, with a set of standard features, or you can add trim packages and feature sets to customize your Volkswagen. You can choose a sport package to liven up the suspension, making the car even more fun to drive. Audio enthusiasts have several audio options to choose from.

Reason Number Nine – They Look Great

Every Volkswagen is designed to give people on the street whiplash when one drives by. Your eyes are glued to it as it drives by, causing your head to whip around so you don’t take your eyes off it.  Whether you buy a Beetle, Tiguan, Golf, Touareg, or other Volkswagen model, you’re going to be driving a sexy car that catches bystanders’ attention.

Reason Number Ten – After Sales Service

Buying a new car can be fun when every dealership you walk into treats you like royalty. The image is great, but be sure not to overlook a review of the Service department.  After all, your Volkswagen experience doesn’t end when you leave the dealership … it begins!

Here at Hillcrest Volkswagen we want you to feel as good about your purchase when you bring it in for regular maintenance and service, as you did the first day you bought it.

Every car received by our service department is washed by hand; we have complimentary Fair Trade coffee in our lounge, as well as cans of pop and water; our waiting area and restrooms are kept clean for our clients and staff.

Also important is our location, we’re conveniently located in central Halifax and offer a free shuttle service to help you get where you need to be (and back) while we have your vehicle!

To book a service appointment call 1-902-453-2790.

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to meet us face-to-face, or get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen for a test drive, please call us at 902-453-2790, or drop into our dealership - 3154 Robie Street in Halifax. We'd love to meet you!


Zach Walker

I am a true Volkswagen Enthusiast! I like everything about it. The cars, the culture and the people. Volkswagen is a culture. I have been selling cars for 10 years which is basically my entire career if you ignore the high school jobs. When I worked at Toyota I drove a Jetta and had to hide it out back.